I never pursued business management in the conventional sense, rather I devoted 90 per cent of my time in human management and understanding human life in totality. This understanding has been the bedrock of Sahara India Pariwar’s phenomenal growth over the last four decades.

My judicial custody in Tihar Jail and being confined to a prison cell with just the basic amenities definitely came as a rude shock. I, like any other human in confinement, could not contain my thoughts and at times felt an emotional outrage, ‘why me?’, ‘what have I done wrong to deserve this?’ Thoughts such as these often raced through my mind.

Life in jail can be painful and lonely. Fortunately, God has blessed me with the ability of keeping stress away at all times. I saw jail as a superb opportunity to do something very close to my heart – complete the writing of this book.

I must clarify that Life Mantras is not my autobiography and neither does it claim to propound any theories or ‘mantras’.

It shows a way to be happy, contended and peaceful enjoying every moment of this beautiful gift of the Almighty : LIFE. The book is a gist of my life-time experiences, observations, witnessing and getting first-hand accounts of people’s issues and problems in their day-to-day lives.

After having gone through the book, you will definitely and convincingly realize that to achieve peace, true happiness, contentment, satisfaction and also to attain continuous progress in life in terms of material gains, respect and love you need not depend on anybody in this world. It all depends on you. It is all in your hands.

If this book leads you to even a fraction of happiness and enables you to enjoy different colors of life, I will feel my effort to have been most humbly rewarded.

Emotionally yours,

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